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The game should be over when you watch

Compare today is December 14, 2019. Let’s talk about the recent hot news and combine it with tomorrow’s game. It’s a bit cold to update the program these two days. Hope, everyone, understand, but my friends in our group I still often go online and often share my personal feelings. The first ball of tomorrow’s game starts at six o’clock, Read More

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What impresses me is that we used to make predictions before the game

Well, it can also complete very good mine protection, including the team defense a D as mentioned by the developer. Therefore, on the defensive side, I think a D is a unicorn, and his defense level can definitely rank among the best in history. So the second point that impresses me is that we used to make predictions before the Read More

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I’m not very optimistic about the Lakers signing Howard

Howard, before the start of this season, to be honest, I’m not optimistic about the signing of Howard by the Lakers, and I also think that from the end of last season, I think his career is basically over. He may not be an all star player before, or he may not be a qualified player.   Look at the Read More