Warriors beat Pioneers again with a total score of 2-0

In G2 of the Western Finals in 2019, the Warriors beat the Blazers 114-111 to complete a 17-point reversal, leading the series 2-0. Curry came to 654 assists in the playoffs, exceeding Harden’s 650 assists, ranking 35th in history.Tompson and Curry score 61 together.

timg (3)


At the end of half-time, the score was set at 65-50, the Warriors were 15 points behind, and the Warriors were 17 points behind at most. According to the probability, the warrior completes the reversal probability only 16.7%.

timg (4)


In the last minute of the game, Curry and Green adopted the tactics of hunting Knights, and they fought for simple dismantling. Curry gave Green a pinch point. If there was a defense, Green would instigate more attacks and fewer attacks. Without help, Green goes straight to the basket. The Knights of that year had no way to deal with the killing of the warriors, and this time the pioneers were no exception. Four years later, few teams have been able to cope with the warriors’killings.


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