MSI:Europe won the world championship after eight years

In the final of LOL season championship in 2019, G2 won the first World Championship,beat TL with 3-0. The European competition area won the world championship again after eight years. The length of the three games totaled 70 minutes and 43 seconds, which broke the shortest time of the world championship competition created by iG and also the fastest BO5 battle in the world competition.


The 2019 midseason championship is destined to be a record-setting MSI. TL and G2 entered the finals with less than two grams in the semi-finals, which is also the first time that the two major European and American contest regions meet in the final of the world championship.



On the finals stage, G2 won the championship successfully with 3-0 score and zero TL, which proved the gimmick of EU > NA. It also became the fourth champion team in the history of the midseason championship and the first western team in the history of the midseason championship. The former three champion teams, EDG, SKT and RNG, all came from the LCK and LPL competition areas belonging to the Asian region.


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