Smart: It’s a great honor to get into the best defense lineup

May 23, although Boston Celtics were eliminated in the Eastern Semi-Final, but Marcus Smart successfully selected the best defensive lineup for a while, this result, Smart “deeply honored”, and for the off-season, he seems to have greater goals.

Today, NBA officials just announced the first defensive lineup of the season: Rudy Gobel from the Jazz, Paul George from the Thunder, Yannis Adetokumbo from the Bucks, Eric Bresso and Marcus Smart from the Celtics. Among them, Smart won 63 first-team votes and 19 second-team votes, with a total score of 145 points for defense.

For a player who is not physically gifted enough to be selected for the best defensive lineup , it is undoubtedly a huge compliment. Smart is also “deeply honored” for this, and for the off-season, he will keep going.

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