The 72-win Bulls also lost to Raptor, Kerr, recalling that I didn’t throw in the kill at that time.

June 1, according to NBC Sports News, the Warriors were defeated by the Raptors in the first battle of the Finals. Kerr is no stranger to losing in Toronto. In 1996, the 72-win Bulls also lost to the Raptors. In that game, Kerr, a member of the Bulls, lost a pivotal goal at the end of the game.











In the first game of the Finals, the Warriors 108-119 were defeated by the Raptors and suffered an failure.This was the first time that the Warriors of the Kerr era lost the first battle of the Finals. At the same time, it also ended the record of 12 consecutive wins in the first battle of the Warriors Series.In an interview, Kerr was also asked an interesting topic. 23 years ago, the Bulls led by Jordan were unbeatable. At that time, they visited Toronto, 60-7, against the Raptors, 17-49, but the team eventually lost the game by accident, 108-109.

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Speaking about the past, Kerr laughed and said, “I remember throwing the winner. It’s true. It’s an important game for the fans. You can feel their energy.”In that year, the momentum of the Bulls reached the finals, and eventually beat the Supersonic 4-2 with a total score to win the NBA championship of that year. In that series, Cole averaged 18.8 minutes and 5 points.











Today, the Warriors are 0-1 behind, but for the warriors of the Kerr era, they have been accustomed to big scenes. Before that, the Warriors have fallen behind in four series in the playoffs. They all won the final victory. This time, can the Warriors reverse their passivity and achieve three successive championships?











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