Trump and Biden were attacking each other when attending events in Iowa

US President Trump and former Vice President Biden both appeared in Iowa on the 11th local time to attend their respective events. One is in the East and the other is in the west, but the two people who do not see each other are attacking each other orally and they show no mercy under their mouths. American media believe that to a certain extent, this can be seen as the “prelude” to the general election in 2020.

According to the Associated Press, Trump’s trip was mainly to promote his energy policy and meet with Republican leaders in the state. But before he flew to Iowa, Trump began to attack Biden. “I’d love to run against Biden. I think he’s a very vulnerable person. I like to run against those who are very vulnerable.” When he arrived in Iowa, Trump pointed directly at Biden at the campaign and said, “People don’t respect him at all.” He went to Iowa every two weeks and mentioned my name 74 times in a speech… It reminds me of the dishonest Hillary, who did the same.

While Trump criticized Biden, Biden was also criticizing Trump. In his campaign speech in Iowa, Biden called Trump an “existing threat” to the country. Biden called on voters to stop the president’s constant ultra vires, saying Trump was “breaking the restrictions on power” as if he had “absolute power”. After being interrupted by the protestors, Biden also called the crowd “behave better, this is not Trump rally.

According to CNN, Trump and Biden have a long history of “coming and going”. Trump is seeking re-election, and Biden is currently the Democratic Party’s most popular nominee, and they are likely to face off in November 2020.

In addition to attacking each other, they also raised the contradiction to the party. Trump accused the Democrats of being “always angry” and that they were becoming more and more extreme. They were going “crazy”. Biden repeatedly shouted to Republicans that Trump would not see change until he left the Republicans because “other Republicans know that these are not what they should be doing right now.”

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