Seven things you should know about Zara the Bear King!

In 2011-2012, the cover of NHL media’s official magazine published a picture of Zara holding up the Stanley Cup on the ice of Rodgers arena to celebrate. Behind Charlie, there were cheering fans. If you are a qualified ice fan, you must know the brilliant career of Charles the Bear King.

Charla Xiong, the tallest player in NHL so far, is a typical leader guard who is good at attack and defense, good at organization, and has a large defensive area. This funny and humorous giant has won numerous honors in his career, but Zara’s talent goes far beyond that. He can also speak Slovak, Czech, polish, Russian, German, Swedish and English. Next, I want to speak more Zara that the big family doesn’t know——



When it comes to Zara, everyone must start with his height. 2.06 meters, the highest height of NHL at present, Chala’s club is also allowed to exceed the 83 cm limit by the international ice Federation and NHL because of its height. He also weighs 118 kilograms, or 260 pounds.


In the third round of the NHL draft conference in 1996, the New York Islanders chose Zara in the 56th place, and as many as seven Slovak players were selected in that year’s draft conference. But many years later, only Zara has become an important star player in the history of the league.