It’s almost impossible for salmon to get the new coronavirus

Recently, salmon has become the focus. Is it possible that salmon is the host of the new coronavirus? How likely is it that the virus infects the human body again?


1、 Similar receptor does not mean that the virus can infect successfully

The source of the new case in Beijing is the seafood salmon, but many virologists agree that salmon can not be the host of the new coronavirus. At present, we know that the new coronavirus can enter the cells and infect the cells only after it recognizes the ACE2 receptor on the surface of our cells. According to the theory that there is a certain similarity between the ACE2 receptor of fish and the ACE2 receptor of mammal, it is considered that fish may infect the new coronavirus. In fact, this kind of speculation is very inaccurate.

Two, it is almost impossible for fish to infect human again after being infected with neocoronavirus

At present, most of the known cross species transmission from other organisms to humans comes from animals, one of which is mammals, which are classified as “mammalia” with us. Another part of the virus comes from birds, namely aves. What these two kinds of animals have in common is that they are thermostatic animals with similar anatomical structure, which is also a basis for virus replication. Fish is a thermophilic animal, and its anatomical structure is very different.

In addition, the genetic evolution distance between fish, mammals and birds is too far, and there has never been an event of fish infected virus infecting humans in history, and vice versa.