Why did Nowitzki lead the Mavericks to beat James and Wade’s heat in 2011?

The first person in the NBA to send a shaman became a German.

Yes, in the 2006 playoffs, the idea almost came true.

If it wasn’t for wade to break out the second form in the finals, and then each game a form of evolution, coupled with O’Neill’s top-level assistance, and the referee’s big brother in time to add chaos.

The first man in the NBA is definitely this guy from Germany.



His golden rooster independence, his stable back play, strategy, inner line soft fingertip pick basket, plus the training – deputy “I’m very serious you don’t disturb me” expression.

It almost constituted the biggest cultural invasion of Germany to the United States in history.

Unfortunately, when the NBA won the championship in 2011, the world has recognized that the first person in the NBA is “Kobe Bryant who is still strong, James who is slowly climbing up the altar, Durant who is just showing his murderous temperament”.

So what?

This German is still doing the same thing in every night’s competition: pick and tear, cut in, pull away his back, stand on his own feet, look forward to it, and have a hidden prestige. Running like thunder and lightning, attacking like the warm moon and spring wind.

We used to have a question in mind. Although it’s interesting to watch a confident, occasionally vocal 7-foot German with a 25 foot range play an efficient season after season.