Some teams are struggling to cancel the season

Since the MLB and the players’ Union began negotiations in March on the rematch and salary adjustment plan, onlookers have been optimistic that no matter what the process is, both labor and management will eventually return to rationality and reach a consensus. Because there’s no other way out – if the two sides can’t reach an agreement, the rematch will be far away, and this will not only affect the 2020 season, baseball will also suffer a very heavy blow.


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More than 20 years have passed since the strike in 1994-95. Today’s young fans have not experienced how baseball has been pushed to the brink of destruction. The two sides have been locked up on issues such as salary caps. Players announced the strike in August. The season ended abruptly. The world series was cancelled for the first time in nearly 100 years. The fans who once regarded baseball as an indispensable part of their life realized that they were only the most insignificant part of the game of interests. They chose to abandon baseball because of their anger and loss. Many people would not return to the baseball field after the game started again

It will take a generation or even two generations to heal the wounds brought by the strike. However, in the era of social unrest, quite a number of people who lost their jobs are struggling for basic food, clothing, housing and transportation. Among them, there are many loyal baseball fans. The league and the players’ Union must understand that if the two sides’ tug of war on money makes baseball in 2020 No return, then the fans will not forgive them. Baseball will be the laughingstock of many fans in North American sports. The unresolved labor disputes will only continue to be postponed and will certainly escalate in some form.