Take you to explore the heat transfer lettering film

1. Application of heat transfer lettering film

The application field of lu=3103302559,1767761400&fm=26&gp=0ettering film is mainly in the field of clothing, such as sports clothing, fashion clothing, cultural shirt, advertising shirt, etc. Qingyi company is mainly engaged in sports clothing, and the specialty of Qingyi company is to help sports clothing industry and intelligently create digital hot stamping icons. It includes ball suit, cycling suit, outdoor wear, mountaineering suit, professional sports clothing, etc. at the same time, textile articles, such as shoes and hats, bags, etc. can also be used, and advertising, school and other signs can also be used.





2. Precautions for heat transfer lettering film

In the process of hot stamping, we should pay attention to three principles: temperature, time and pressure. In the process of storage, avoid storage in high temperature environment, and keep away from fire or heat source; processing semi-finished products are not allowed to stack with each other, especially glue surface sticking to each other, which is easy to lead to anti adhesion, resulting in waste and loss; it is not allowed to be placed in the wet and strong light environment; after hot stamping, the finished products can be stacked, especially the hot drawing just torn off.