What factors affect the quality of heat transfer printing?

The quality of thermal sublimation transfer in thermal transfer mainly depends on thermal sublimation printer, thermal sublimation transfer digital paper and thermal sublimation transfer ink. Thermal sublimation printer is mainly the nozzle. It’s self-evident that the nozzle plays an important role in a printer. Many domestic printer manufacturers buy the nozzle from large foreign factories, and then assemble their own printer. The quality of the nozzle can be reflected by the details of the printed pattern. Therefore, the printer mainly affects the quality of heat sublimation transfer pattern.




Thermal sublimation transfer digital paper, for thermal sublimation transfer, good thermal sublimation transfer digital paper is essential, although even ordinary A4 paper can be applied to thermal sublimation transfer, but the transfer rate is too low, there will be color difference. So the sublimation transfer paper can make the transfer rate of the transfer pattern high, not easy to fade, and at the same time, it will not affect the feel of the material itself, unlike the thermosetting transfer paper, which will make the material uneven and have a distinct sense of protrusion. Heat sublimation transfer digital paper is generally distinguished according to the weight of grams. In addition to the weight of grams, xiaohuajia is mainly divided into immediate dry type, quick dry type, self-adhesive type and low temperature type. Because in addition to transfer rate and color, the standard to measure the quality of sublimation transfer paper is the drying time after transfer.