22-year-old No.4 almost retired, warrior saves him

Bender’s 10 day contract with Warriors ends, and according to the NBA statement, the short-term workers will become free agents directly.

It’s largely because of the epidemic that bender has become so “hot.”.

Originally 22 years old, he did not fulfill the talent of European genius. As a 16-year No.4 star, he was originally a player the sun had high hopes for. As a result, the sun didn’t even have the idea to fully implement the four-year rookie contract. So last year, during the off-season, he began to wander.




He got a job in the NBA and had to give up completely, but when he reached a verbal agreement with CSKA Moscow, the opportunity came. Bucks gave him a two-year contract. Thanks to CSKA Moscow, they left a message on the contract: if an NBA team wants bender, he can choose to play in the NBA first.

Unfortunately in the Development League struggle half a season, or was cut by the bucks.

After that, the warriors received two short contracts for ten days in a row. Bender contributed 9 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists in 21 minutes. Can you imagine that there are a number of data that are his career highs?