The mascot in Spanish

I remember that the inspiration of the image of giant comes from Spain’s rich oranges. The mascot in Spanish is the flaming body of oranges. The lovely smile reflects the enthusiasm of Spaniards. Maradona has emerged as the most striking new star in the world cup, Italy after Brazil. My second country to win the World Cup title for the third time, while Rosanna won the best shooter and player of the world cup with six goals. Hungarian player Keith, in Hungary, scored a hat trick against El Salvador, the shortest hat trick in World Cup history, and Hungary beat El Salvador 10-1

This is the record of the greatest score difference in the history of the world cup. In the group match, the Hungarian team scored the most goals in three games, with 12 goals in total, while El Salvador lost 13 goals in total. Zov, 40 years old, became the world champion and the oldest player in his football career The most glorious chapter of zov, because of her outstanding performance, she was elected as the world’s No. 1 goalkeeper. The fans also praised him as the invincible wall.

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