Timberwolves and warriors

this, trade send away Lhasa to welcome, Vegas for Timberwolves, it can be as a team reconstruction, because Russell this player is friendship. Penetration ability, it also has certain transmission ability, excellent physical quality and height, is a potential excellent player that can be cultivated. This player mainly lies in training, not in how much he can have in the future. It is entirely in the cultivation of the team. As a person, psychological level, counseling is more important. These are high, ranking, ball Once a member’s reputation has been accumulated for a while, everyone’s attention and love for her attitude will fall into the shadow of self doubt if she doesn’t perform well at the beginning of her career.

Phil is a player, mainly lies in training, for her heart care this, is very important, Wiggins basically has been used, so the warriors trade, according to, I currently, according to my judgment, I personally think there are people who act tou=1469028496,2744529533&fm=26&gp=0o hastily because of Russell and. Curry Thompson has not played yet. With you, you can’t be sure whether the three people together have a good performance, so I think that we can see the upper limit of Wiggins in a hurry. It is obvious to all that he is just like this. This player has no fighting spirit and can only help one at most. If we have to find a reason, I think the warriors’ consideration is whether the lineup and structure is complete, complete and reasonable. This kind of play of the three guards is obviously not recognized by the warriors, just like the missile fight, which has never regretted not being recognized by the warriors, so the warriors. The news still has to wait for curry and Thompson to return from injury, plus green and Wiggins to see if there is a better effect, it is too early to judge, we will wait and see