Pelican scum stick!

The point is not nonsense, almost equal to before, asking for four first round signings and a group of players almost took the whole team of the Lakers. They have been hollowed out. I personally feel that, ah, I am quite dissatisfied with the operation of Magic Johnson. They are also quite dissatisfied. M & A, um, will not be discussed. The negotiation is totally unskilled. This is what can be discussed or not talked about, such as this. Thai style, right? Well, it’s too early or too much media exaggeration about this. It’s forcing the Lakers to Liangshan. It’s impossible to get down. So now, there’s a very fatal one.


The analogy makes these young players unwilling to play, ah, well played, ah, tomorrow summer will also be used as a trade, sweet, the main bargaining chip exchange, playing bad is trading sweets, anyway, it doesn’t matter whether they play well or not, that’s because of the chips given by the Lakers. All the young players, plus two first round signings, and the pelicans want all the players and four goalie money. Well, these young scholars are basically players who can be abandoned in the eyes of the Lakers, which gives a signal to a young player, so, right now. You get what you trade, you get what you don’t trade

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