O’Neill against O’Neill even hit Yao Ming

I’ve been saying, well, Peter can’t get through, but cousins can’t get through. I just said you don’t need to punch holes. You don’t have to type at all. Well, I have said several times whether Yao Ming could play O’Neal or be beaten by O’Neill. I can’t beat him, right? But it can’t hinder the fact that Yao Ming is the first center in the league. At that time, Yao Ming also existed for a short time. For a period of time, he became the first center of the league. Yao Ming played technology. Right, Yao Ming just entered the NBA, when Yao, shark fight, stir up a lot, ah, the first time against the Lakers, O’Neill against O’Neill even hit Yao Ming three times, two were blocked by Yao Ming, all blocked, right? O’Neill quickly felt the pressure of this height.


Shaquille O’Neal was also very tall in the NBA at that time. He must be very tall. He was also very tall. He had weight and was incomparable. But when he met Yao Ming, he was taller than him. He was unprepared. Right? He was blocked by Yao Ming continuously. But Yao Ming’s weight was very small at that time. Well, it’s not as big as the weight of respect ah Lai later. Quickly and quickly practice the strength of the lower limbs and upper limbs. Once Yao Ming has the weight, he can stand in the low position, and then he will be hit. But when he meets O’Neill, he can’t move, and he needs to use projection technology to win. To win, O’Neal is just like now, and so is Peter

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