If Durant chooses KULI

King Garnett and Deron Williams, two people smile at each other and agree with each other, ha ha ha ha, you ya, die, duck king, you laugh at other people’s six yawang, you don’t want to face ah, you bad old man, I believe you are a ghost, I think what I said said said is you stupid. Do you want to use your intelligence quotient to use your brain? Garnett, you should use your intelligence quotient. Deron Williams, you can go, he will walk away. Wang and I, Jerry West, he will hold together at the top of his team, right? Use your brain to overcome the enemy’s short.


The black man said, ah, these fans, I think these fans are hiding in these dark corners. They are looking at these people from the perspective of God. What reason do you think you have? What kind of face do you have? Ah, they are eloquent. This is shameless at all. The era of Ramses or James Durant, the viscosity of the times, the times, curry, is no doubt, there is no need to discuss it, right? If you choose James and let him become your idol, it’s your luck, right? I’ve followed these fans since 2003. That’s your luck. You’ve also received a gap in history. You’re lucky. For those who didn’t receive it, right? If Durant chooses KULI, you can’t say that you’re in bad luck, right? Since Sheng Yu, he Shengliang, you, choose, Zhou Yu, he chooses Kong Ming, you are Phoenix winged gold-plated boring solid drum jar. You can’t help it. It’s your choice. Of course, you have to use this thing to blacken it. It’s unreasonable. The first is the first. There’s nothing to argue about

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