Do you think you should do something about Durant

If you want to switch singles to harden’s hand, the singles, including I also think that harden has no defensive value. Compared with other teams in the team, maybe harden is the weakest in the defensive link. So I don’t think so. If there are three strong points in the team, you can ignore any tactics. I think so because the star singles itself is a kind of tactics. I always say that Durant’s singles is a kind of tactics.

What, cooperation, right? What kind of cover? I treat everyone as dislocation, isn’t it? So, ah, for an excellent player like Durant, it’s really all coaches. All teams are eager for talents. I hope Leonard hopes this Durant. The fans voted for me and added one for me. Look at me, I’ve made a lot of efforts to praise Durant in the future.

Do you think you should do something about Durant? In the past, I’d like to talk about this issue. So, even James and Anthony Davis are the same.

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