From 1949 to 2009, the Lakers won 15 titles

From 1949 to 2009, the Lakers won a total of 15 titles. They were called the purple and gold Dynasty. From George Michael to magic magician, to OK group, and to flying Knight Kobe alone, this is also a gathering place for championship.


In 2010, the Lakers had the last laugh in the Celtics game. Kobe led the Lakers to their 16th place and her fifth championship ring. From 1991 to 1998, it was the era of little Michael Jordan. In the 1990s, he led the bulls to two three consecutive titles.


Let the world witness the existence of the bull Dynasty, San Antonio, the Spurs, in 1999. The Spurs got their number one player, Tim Duncan, who formed the rookie season with Admiral Robinson. Duncan won the championship, proving his maturity and sophistication, and foreshadowing the future of the Spurs.


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