The relentless attack of injuries did not torment

The closure is like a nightmare that never goes away. It’s so disappointing. It’s a good season. I’m lucky to have a setback. I want to stay with the team, stay with the team, control the things that I can control. I asked, my mother, I asked God why it was me, but at the same time, I’m in a good condition, I can.


It’s worse than it is now, but there’s a reason why things happen. Maybe ten years later, maybe ten years later, I won’t be able to remember this matter. Mcmore, who was almost tortured by injuries, asked himself again and again how to get rid of the injury.


Fortunately, the injury is merciless, no torture, wear and tear, Michael Moore a cent of the fighting spirit, he used two seasons, time to make himself into the league’s top point guard, middle, into the pioneers coach, Stott, said.


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