Or whether it can play the finals next year and whether it can compete for the Western championship

Netizens asked us that the Warriors team is playing at this level now, but next year, what kind of results will it achieve? Or whether it can play the finals next year and whether it can compete for the Western championship, I have to say that it is still too early to say, because the warriors now have. What’s more, Russell, these two players, are actually variables.

They are the variables of the warriors. I think, personally, the main purpose of the warriors in Russell is to pick up a bargain, pick up a bag, wait, trade, have a good card in hand, that’s all. Russell’s business should not be treated for a long time, er, green or green Thompson or curry’s legitimate forces, to trade green, first of all, curry has to nod his head to be able to trade successfully. I think that Curie’s is superstitious and isolated, because in this team, in this environment. Thomson needs to feed the ball. Curry, if it’s specially designed for it, Thompson’s first attack ability will be reduced, so it needs to have a second point to control the ball. The point of controlling the ball is on green. Green, the addition effect on Thompson and curry is great. I believe Curie.

Yes, sometimes it is clear. For example, if Gree is a young man of 250028 million, if any team can take over his isolation, which team is worth asking for, right? So staying with the Warriors is the best choice for him at present. I’m sorry to interrupt. Ah, the warriors have no way now.

The choice must be to leave green, which is a more thorough and clear issue. I believe that next year or curry Thompson, green three people lead the team to attack the playoffs, Russell is OK? You have a guarantee one more. Ah, as I said before, some netizens said that the warriors can play three guards, Thomson curry and Russell are also three guards. Many teams in the league are playing three guards now. But I want to say that it is difficult for the three guards to play. Why do we share the number three position we mentioned in the group.


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