The owners and coaches of the team think

This pair of excellent results, but also the League bottom ah, is still discussing the best record in history and the worst record in history, whether it will break the 73 negative worst record in history. I said that this may not be very, maybe, because curry should still be able to come out and fight Thomson, but he should be able to pay, but that is to say. There is no need for this, because according to the current trend, the warriors are not afraid of boiling water.


Ah, the home attendance rate has been very low. A few days ago, we still saw reports that the bulls have made the worst appearance in history. This attendance rate is so general. 5000 seats, 150015000 seats. I remember correctly that, well, it seems that the home attendance rate of the Warriors is not very high. Of course, you lack superstars. There is nothing in these curry Durant Thompson.

Ah, Russell is also injured. You really have no home attendance. Well, the fans don’t have much hope. Ah, so it mainly depends on how the owners and coaches of the team think. I think, ah, I personally think that in the long run, let’s have a rest and the season will be smooth because of Thomson’s injury.


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