They are afraid of getting sick in the regular season


They are afraid of getting sick in the regular season. The time is too long. They are too, afraid, injured. Once they are injured, they can’t play the playoffs. Therefore, they are not active enough.

They are afraid of injury and obscenity. They are very obscene. So he replied. Wow, you can see these old bones, and they started to work with you, ah, so now we play some weak teams, some small teams, we can’t lift our spirits to play some strong teams. We haven’t met some strong teams, including XX, the clippers and some teams in the East. Maybe in the second half of the season.

This aspect of the match, but not necessarily can bring up enough interest, because his goal is mainly to play in the playoffs, they target these weak teams in front of them, want to do through some of the overall strength of the strong opponent, but we have to say that the NBA does not have so many typical sense. I’m relative to these, weak, these weak may be their own performance, to some teams want to put bad, then it shows is weakening, some teams he does not want to white, he will fight with you, right? With you, fight with you, you have the possibility of failure, so he wants to use the first three quarters.

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