The so-called Celtic team has a chance

You can’t say that after the season, you can’t say that, right? Well, I believe there are some fans who dare to say so. Do you dare to stand up? The so-called Celtic team has a chance, including the 76ers.

As long as he comes back, he can also rush forward after his state returns. Including, the heat, you include, now you can see that he has a big problem? He has no big problem, right? Mainly because in the eastern environment, these teams are biased against those teams, but they don’t have those in the same area who meet slightly stronger opponents. I don’t want to fight with any kind of resistance, ah, so the strength is not very clear. 12345, the strength is not very clear, and it can’t be seen in the short term, because the gun has been handed in once and surrendered.

How can you see who’s fighting capacity? Right? Because of the second point. The heat now is the team, momentum, rejuvenation, or in other words, these players are struggling. What’s the problem? Most of these players’ contracts are about to expire, and they want to earn a good contract and a good price in the coming year.

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