About the traditional position 5 because of the lack of machine


Because, they have two superstars, right? They play other teams. Any problem is not a problem. Only when they meet each other, can this problem burst into its potential contradictions. So other teams have to follow suit.

They are all defeated, but there is no reference. OK, let’s talk about the Blazers. Ah, yes, the trailblazers are wrong about the traditional position 5 because of the lack of machines. So it is very important to wait for Noel to come out actively. Nurkic has many players and is very important to the Blazers. It uses a single microphone. Lee, lard, he’s not very close to Noel, he’s actively cooperating with Noel, occasionally remembering this player, he’s just a functional player, but functionalization is also very important for the pioneers. He has to have this beam to build this house.

You don’t need pillars alone. Lee, lad and McCollam are not so strong. For the western region, the overall competitive environment is very bad, good, this program is here to hope, like, friends subscribe or add me, personally give the NBA less letters n Ba CB J also welcome to join the group discussion, then we have the opportunity to systematically do ah, the Lakers XX and the Clippers each other.

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