These players have to play in the playoffs before they can be known by everyone

Leonard doesn’t play one game in two games. It’s even more important. So we should say that today it should be Peter’s release from the ban. For the last bell, this is actually the core dialogue of the team. If the NBA doesn’t play, then the game is not very interesting. Is there anything good to see? We should try to spend our time on these wonderful things. Don’t waste time in your games, ah, those other games protected by the chickens and ducks in Yunnan. Ah, really, there’s nothing good to see. Teams that can’t play in the playoffs. These players have to play in the playoffs before they can be known by everyone, right? Well, the lineup is changed once a year. It’s the weak team. The lineup changes every year.

It’s really hard for you to figure out who is who. Some faces have to be confused. Er, let’s talk about the 76ers against the jazz. Yes, well, the core dialogue between the two teams was, um, Peter’s and Gerber’s. So far, I think he has a problem. The player has a problem. He has a problem with his character, which can also be called character, temper or ability and skill. He has a problem with those players who are lower than him. He is very hard and hard to knead. The opponent presses the friction, but if he hits himself. These players at the same level do not show absolute advantage. Ah, this is a very troublesome thing, because at least now you have to admit that you are the first center in the league. Do you want to have an advantage in opposing each other? Generally, you should be able to crush the opponent, so it may be the center in the interior. I don’t remember too much, and there are few who can take a shot. But in a few cases, there are a lot of games that illustrate the problem. For example, today’s gebel can’t pass. It’s a very good defensive interior player, right? It’s height, weight and flexibility are a little poor.


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