Now the biggest star on the market is the sun

The scene is also good, really because of the team, and donate more to him, in the Laker team, he certainly won’t have such luxury, ah, but if it depends on how thin walker is next season, if you let him more to take the second team, more to play a double in the Lakers.


In fact, this skill can be used as a point grabbing role when the magnate is resting, and you should not forget what the nickname Schroeder used to be when he came out, such as coffee, little yellow hair. Where did you all listen to the nickname? The orthodox nickname of others is German Rondo.


The following teams are also the biggest winners in the market so far, but the chips returned are absolutely absolute.


The most active and positive one is Oklahoma thunder team, which is almost the same with Schroeder. At the same time, the thunder and the Suns have also negotiated a deal. Specifically, the biggest star in the trading market is Taiyang.


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