There’s still a better one and a qualified backup guard

Ah, they didn’t run. They didn’t run. They just waited, and they all waited. The result is that if they join the rockets and broadcast the Lakers in large quantities, then these players will join in at the base salary. If they go to the clippers and stay with raptors, then they should take their share in England, right. I’ve played, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, right?

He’s in the lineup. Look at this lineup, ah, point guard, dragon, James, point guard, Rondo James, ah, there’s still a better one and a qualified backup guard. Well, we should sign another one. Ah, cool dog is not good. I don’t feel you have any big achievements.

In other positions, he is a bit weak in position 12. In addition to the East and the East, and Denny green, he looks a little bit more like other positions. No, it’s a big contribution. I don’t think it’s a great contribution. I have to think of a way to make a move. Besides, 3456345 is very thick and thick. Ah, there are so many tall, so many tall and so powerful.

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