A leader of this black powd

It’s very, very, very important. Therefore, we must ensure that there are enough trips, so that you can have good results. You can, ah, have an advantage in the final series.

So Leonard is going to test Paul George, who is good enough and has good tolerance. Ah, he has a natural good physique and can recover from broken legs. He is a very excellent player, and his playing method is also in accordance with the rules of modern basketball. Well, it is also very scientific. So, for other clipper players, you can have a look at other clipper players. It’s all about the players who are playing at random.

These players have to have a good guard for them. If you don’t, he will play you randomly every game. At this time, I’m a random player. I don’t think rivers has any level. I’ve watched the ball for so many years, and I’ve never seen it. I have never thought that Lisi is a champion level coach. It’s not because Leonard joined the Clippers. I’m not a leader of this black powder. You can listen to the radio program. Well, I’m still praising the Raptors for Leonard.