As the NBA head coach, it’s a bit empty

As the NBA head coach is a little bit empty, I think that at that time, it may be that the person selected can be the best in the first year. Then, in terms of the net and then, I would like to say again that this team is in a state that must be modern, right? Then it is for the fault tolerance at that time.


And the space for fault tolerance is very limited. If we fail to win the championship next year, and the next year is not ideal, I think his position will be in danger. In fact, for that time, it is also a double-edged sword. You may be in a very good team.


Running to the side of the star, as a rookie coach, you can quickly enter the playoffs and even win the championship trophy, but at the same time, it’s a big gamble. If one season and two seasons can’t meet everyone’s expectations, it is likely to face the risk of stepping down. But in fact, I think that’s why I came out at this time.


And the choice of the nets is absolutely his own will. As I heard before, we knew that it was the general manager of the Dutch open. Sean Max was right and had always been a friend. Before that time, he had been waiting for a good opportunity to come out to be the head coach. I heard that when the basketball and nets team was looking for the head coach, he volunteered.


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