The competitiveness of the west is nothing more than that

So, er, let’s talk about my personal view on this team at present. Ah, if you find a good point guard, this team will be able to win the championship in the western region. If you can’t find a point guard, you can’t find a good point guard. Ah, pure point guard, then these teams are in the West.

The competitiveness of the west is nothing more than that. There is no absolute advantage that you can imagine. The current environment of the western region is still relatively balanced. The Rockets, jazz, and the Los Angeles Clippers all have the chance to win the Western championship, while other teams have no chance to do anything else. Yes, there is no chance. Now the clippers have no salary space.

The Rockets, including the Rockets, have no salary space. The Lakers can use the contract of 30 million yuan to recruit some of the salary that can be used in the future. I think ah, in the future. Yes, the possibility of forming a big three is very low. As we said before, 90% of the top 10 players in the league have their contracts confirmed in the next three years. If you want to form any 13 giants, you must, ah, sorry to interrupt.

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