Because now it turns out that Simmons and the earth do not match

After a year, another year, this kind of thinking is actually a waste for the career development of the two players and the transaction value of the team. The value of the chips is a waste. Why not cash the chips when the modern two players are still young and the transaction price is good, so that the team has more space for the future.


There is more flexibility in such a choice, so I think that if rivers, now that he has signed, if rivers looks from a long-term point of view, I think he should actually consider coming to this team, one of the things is to see if I have the possibility of trading this player.


Open more soul space, because now it turns out that Simmons and the earth do not match, so, the earth and hofford are also space to catch, chicken. Why don’t I break up these chips and rearrange them now? But the problems you mentioned are not rivers’ responsibility, it’s the responsibility of the team’s general manager, brand.


And you have these chips on this team. Even if brand decides to bet on me and change other players to regroup my team, for example, if you take Simmons and trade for Bradley bill, the team will still be a champion team and still be a very, very talented team.


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