When will shambalt be able to prove that the deal is an active deal

I said, when will shambalt be able to prove that the deal is an active deal, which means that the project is, er, coming to Zhuofeng county to solve the problem of the front line for the Rockets. If shambalt fails to play the main force, he will destroy the deal, which is just to get rid of Wright’s contract, so to speak.

Now it seems that kabela accepted Fabio, right? With Tucker, we say Tucker must be immovable. The third position is the third position of the camp, which is very easy to use. Well, with Paul and harden, the two backcourt combination basically determines the main team.

After knowing, the backup 7788 is them. Well, now, basically, it can be determined who the players in the playoffs are. Ah, young rivers, one by one, another, ah, this Gordon project may be a mess of people like house, Edward and so on. It’s totally useless. Ah, the season comes out to play soy sauce. It’s time for gangsters. Ah, there is no playing time in the playoffs. Now it has been proved to be, er, totally unqualified. At the beginning of the season, Tucker was the only one left in the construction of the third position of the team, and all other people were kicked out.

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