The advantages and disadvantages of skilful play


Very, very, very important is the commander on the court, too important, not enough. For today, er, for the pistons Celtic, hope also played a very good role in the game, playing a soul role. Of course, you also won today’s game. Both of you won so much. Let’s also say, oh, Nb’s counterpart or responsible for this matter, so there are netizens.

The online comments say that hofford blew up Peter, and Nb has been abused miserably. Er, I personally have a skeptical attitude. First of all, we have to say, um, a player like Peter. In terms of experience, there must be a lack of skincare. There is no dispute about this.

The advantages and disadvantages of skilful play.

Nb deenbide has no experience even though he suffered losses. The experience of playoffs is relatively shallow, right? But as a 76ers team, this is the inner pillar. Its advantage is that you must play well even now. Thanks to you, playing 40% of the hit rate and 50% of the virus, in fact, it doesn’t change much for the game, missing, when four is sent, even if you are 20 shots in each game, there is no difference between eight and 20 kinds, two balls can be found in any round, it’s NB.

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