It’s really hard to recognize 30

Jordan has 37 points. Well, harden has 36.5 points, even if he is 0.5 points short. He has played 48 games in 45 games. In this way, I’ll calculate that he is 20 points short. On the top of the total score, insert 20 points or 30 points, especially in every game behind the backcourt.

At this time, the temperature usually reaches 3839, that is to say, it takes about 40 points in every game to break Jordan’s record. It’s a bit ambitious, but I think it’s a little bit hard. As we said before, if the Rockets were shot like this recently, they would be defeated. Give, team, bring, record loss, but ah, record loss is not important now.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, ah, once in 20 years, right? If harden missed it, it will be another 20 years, another 20 years to break Kobe’s record, another 20 years. But Jordan, the record is right, ah, of course, I didn’t say that, if you are in a bad team, crazy people, crazy people, you may not be able to throw 30 in every game. It’s really hard to recognize 30. Harden is really iron, with excellent external force and strong endurance.