Everyone has increased by one to two minutes

To sum up this record, or to say yes, this dialectic may be really useful. Well, it is also beneficial to the team. At least from the three games, the Rockets are quite good. Ah, they play three full backs. OK, they also play well. So for the Rockets, ah. Personally, I think it’s ok if you play like this, but there’s a hidden danger.

The cost of this hidden danger can’t afford it. The playing time of harden Paul Gordon will certainly increase. It’s certain that, up to now, harden Paul Gordon’s three defenders, er, this. This season’s appearance time, er, in the 10th and 17th season, compared with last year’s season, ah, everyone has increased by one to two minutes, one to two minutes, which is a very dangerous signal, especially for Paul, a very old player, you can’t let him play too long. He’s preparing for the playoffs. We always say that Paul’s value is reflected in the playoffs.

You don’t use 350038 million to measure how many minutes Paul plays, how many points he scores, right? What’s the percentage of hits? Paul’s value is reflected in the playoffs.

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