To make another one in this position

In terms of the lineup structure of last season, the best ideal is, after all, Ariza has only one year’s contract. After this year’s contract is over, next year’s contract may need to be signed again, and we need to make another one in this position.

Well, it’s added or constructed because the contract of harden Paul and the contract of kabela are tied together. They are mainly the core of the fleet, so the current playing method is very clear. The current playing method of the Rockets is unscientific. The modern playing method is the same as last season. In fact, the way of playing is totally opposite.

It’s different. I can’t say that Jason’s idea is different. So I can use Gordon’s or Wright’s low price contract or high quality contract, especially Gordon’s. Wright’s contract is also very cheap. This contract, as long as he, ah, returns from injury and can play at the previous 80% level, I think it’s more worthwhile for the Rockets to make a trade. Then Wright and Gordon’s super value contracts add up to a third position.


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