The potential of the 76ers is only much more than that of Celtic

If the Celtic team can’t cultivate the offensive ability of young players in the next two to three years, it will suffer a lot. Ah, the smooth transition period of two to three years or the explosion of big contracts after the preferential period. In this way, you have to go to see the contract. Owen’s contract will have to sign a big contract next year, right?

You’re right. Rocher of chelsmart steel. Will you stay or not next year? Turn to Tatu, if you want to play for a few years, you’ll have to sign a top salary. How to travel? Relatively speaking, the 76ers may have a greater advantage. Well, relatively speaking, after two or three years of cultivation, the potential of the 76ers is only much more than that of Celtic. He has the ability to score and explode.

Yes, Simmons also has the potential in this aspect. We must not underestimate Simmons’ attack ability. Although his regular army has only one food and six points, right, he has eight versions and eight residents. He is an all-round player. He is a field commander of the Big Island 76ers.


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