Sticker technology

A.Knife engraving technology: after the vector graphics are input into the knife engraving machine by the computer, the knife engraving machine cuts the non-drying film into the preset graphic shape, and then manually stitches different colors together to make it. At last, A transparent iron on transfer film is covered on the surface of the finished stickers, and the film is removed after the iron on stickers are pasted; Due to the complicated production process and high material cost, the knife engraving sticker is only suitable for small-scale customization of personalized cars and car club teams.

B.Printing, inkjet, pictorial, screen printing and other processes: refers to the computer vector or pixel pictures into the machine, the machine in accordance with the graphic inkjet or screen technology will be color ink printing or screen on the transparent or white film, and then cut along the edge of the pattern after the knife shape; Most of the manufacturing enterprises (such as motorcycles, electric bicycles, etc.) in the mass production of stickers are screen printing process;

C.Metal process and others: metal process refers to the process of pressing aluminum plate and other metal plates into concave and convex surface by machine, then using metal paint to make colors, and finally polishing, drawing and other processes to make car stickers (car labels); Since the area of the metal decals sticker cannot be too large, it can only be used for a small range of iconic stickers.

diy heat transfer paper

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