Laptop decals stickers

Laptop decals sticker, grey-proof and waterproof, with it, computer appearance level soared

Summer with the notebook, fingers sweat, it is easy to leave dirt on the keyboard, but also easy into the dust. With decals stickers, it’s just a light wipe away and the design is really cool.

Notebook film surface has a protective function, and can be removed at any time. Its outstanding performance, pattern art and do not lose gorgeous, can let your digital devices stand out.

Do not want to install the protective case of massiness, hope your notebook computer can show individual style aesthetic feeling again? Don’t miss the art decals and make your laptop a portable piece of art.

The outer cover of the notebook is easy to be stained with dust and fingerprints. With decals stickers, it can be easily wiped clean.Canada patches wholesales

Adopting air conduction technology, it can effectively remove the bubble generated when sticking, and can effectively prevent scratches and ultraviolet irradiation in daily use. Easy to locate and remove without leaving a mark even after years of use.

Can be personalized custom film, as long as you like the pattern can be different. And still can prevent dirt pollution effectively, have prevent oxidation, prevent smudgy action.

With the shell film, in order to ensure comfort, but also to protect the computer wear.

welcome to to make your own iron on transfer