The advantages of customizing your jersey

1.It can meet the individual needs of various consumers.

In the traditional marketing mode, clothing vinyl letter number enterprises often carry out mass production based on simple market survey and current clothing trend forecast. The?Heat logo jersey lettering produced in this mode are either not in the required size, color, or style, or the design cannot meet personal preference. And individual character is custom-built subdivide the market to individual consumer, can ask according to individual interest, if cloth chooses, design of design, color is tie-in, design, design is made to order production.

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2.Reduce inventory overstock and reduce operational risks.

Under the traditional marketing model, in order to maximize profits, garment enterprises reduce product costs through mass production. Once the market changes, this mass production of clothing t shirt transfer seasy to lead to unsalable or overstock, resulting in huge losses. And custom marketing according to consumer order production, almost no inventory, greatly reduce operational risk.

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3.Conducive to product development and innovation.

Under the traditional marketing model, many designers of clothing?heat transfers enterprises develop products according to their own tastes and feelings behind closed doors, and the limitations of clothing design are very large. In customized marketing, designers have many opportunities to communicate with consumers face to face and understand their actual needs. Under the guidance of consumers, they can easily develop creative products that meet their needs.

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